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Learn How To Build A Profitable Real Estate Investing Business Without Using Your Own Cash or Credit

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What I'll be teaching in this training: 

  • Full or part-time investors looking to scale their real estate business to the next level with $0 cash or credit 
  • ​The systems I use to acquire properties every single month 
  • ​The steps I use to acquire new profitable properties
  • ​How to find private money lenders & joint venture partners to fund all your flips, new builds, & investments
  • ​The 7 core principals to start seeing success in real estate investing
About The Founder of Prosper Path
Manjit Rukhra
I'm a real estate entrepreneur from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I quit my job as a correctional officer and pursued my passion in real estate. For the past 13 years I'm very blessed to have built a successful real estate investing business, completely eliminating my 9-5 job. I have personally invested in over a 130 properties using none of my own cash or credit & I want to teach you how to do the same.

My passion is in real estate & also in helping others succeed with the same goals that I had. I now manage my own real estate investing business & my coaching program Prosper Path, where I help real estate investors start & grow their own investing businesses, whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional. I advise various sources of capital to profitably buy rentals, flip houses, & wholesale residential real estate.

I'm proud to say I've been able to utilize my systems & experience in the industry to teach hundreds of other investors how to quit their day jobs, earn a 6+ figure income, & build systems in creating long term wealth

Learn How To Leverage Your Resources 
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